Acceptable Use Policy

Resource Abuse Definition

Resource Abuse consists of any activity, intentional or otherwise, that consumes sufficient system resources to negatively affect other clients or equipment.

Unsolicited Communication Definition

Any email-based communications sent without the consent of the recepient.

Knowingly permitting or initiating Unsolicited Communications is grounds for immediate termination, and a permanent ban from any future service.

Malicious Content Definition

Any type of script, code, or other file that performs harmful action, either to the user affected or as a bulk action triggered by the user.

Any content that violates the laws of the country it resides in.

Knowingly permitting or hosting Malicious Content is grounds for immediate termination, and a permanent ban from any future service.

Resource Usage Limitation

CPU cores are shared, if you are using one full core constantly on any of our services we will ask you to reduce your usage. Failure to do so will result in service suspension and or termination without refund. Excessive CPU use or continued high disk IO R+W requests will be considered server abuse.

As a general rule as long as you are not impacting others then you will not be restricted. Nevertheless, as a guideline, we ask that you to not using over 60% of a CPU core/thread for more than 2 hours on average or 100% of a CPU core/thread for more than 30 minutes.

Web Hosting accounts are not to be used for file hosting.

Automatic Generated Content (AGC) and Mass Content Grabber (Auto Robot) scripts are not allowed due to its nature in consuming server resources constantly.

We will not tolerate any form of spam and will result in immediate termination with no refund.

Forbidden Activities

The following are strictly prohibited uses and will result in immediate suspension and/or termination if discovered on your account: Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, Port scanning, Botnets, TOR exit nodes, Open proxies or Private proxies, Open DNS resolvers, Illegal downloads/Piracy, Storj Share and or other Storage Sharing applications, Virtual currency (*coin) mining, Facebook crawlers, IP spoofing, Fake/Replica product websites, Phishing, Booter/Stresser websites, and Adult material.

All activities considered illegal in the Republic of Indonesia are forbidden to host in our services. We bound to the rule and regulation of the Republic of Indonesia.

All files on users services are users responsibility. Cloudforspeed’s hosting will take NO responsibility for any actions done by a user. We do not allow any forms of copyright violation and will result in immediate suspension.

Please report forbidden activities and DMCA Copyright infringement via the contact form here.