The Secret Formula To Keep Low End

Some people doubt about our pricing policy. Well, that’s normal. Being skeptical is perfectly normal. However, it is a good practice to find out what behind this fantastic pricing.

Personally, we won’t call it “cheap“. Instead, we call it “low end“. There are many terms for this such as “budget“, “affordable“, “pocket-friendly“, “low cost“, and so on. They are just other words for “cheap” but with a different meaning.


We got our inspiration from LowEndBox and LowEndTalk, the big places for low-end server providers: Virtual or Dedicated servers. We think, there must be a similar provider offering low-end shared hosting services.

Our second inspiration comes also from AirAsia which is a Malaysian low-cost airline headquartered near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The airline offers low-cost flights around the globe.

By separating the cost of flight ticket and additional services including baggage price, they can provide professional flight and still survive in the business.

We copy the strategy to provide performant web hosting services for a very low-end price. The secret formula is cheap but reasonable.

Our Secret Formula

You may be wondering of how can it be so cheap? Like we told you earlier, the secret formula is being cheap but reasonable.

Just like AirAsia, we separate the cost for web hosting and additional services which you may not greatly need it. Our strategy is to debloat the conventional web hosting services by kicking out non-essential components that potentially burdening its overall cost.

Such a strategy becomes popular recently. We’ve seen it implemented by some other hosting and cloud industries.

One of the removed components is “Dedicated Support“. This is also the most pricy components in the hosting business. The cost of hiring customer supports is in the second position of capital need to be invested in beside servers and software.

The absence of dedicated support is replaced by “best-effort support“. It means the provider has no obligation to answer or to give a helping hand for problems faced by clients.

Some providers come with no support at all. The term “Unmanaged” initially arrived in the VPS or Dedicated Server business. The possibility to implement “unmanaged service” in the shared hosting industry is open. You use it, you break it, you fix it. The hosting provider is only responsible for the server. As long as the server is running smoothly,, the provider has no obligation for non-server-related issues.

We are, however, stand in the middle. CLOUDFORSPEED offers a powerful web hosting with best-effort support.

More Secret Technique

Additionally, we can cut more cost by using free control panel instead of the most common one cPanel which recently got a massive price increase.

We also opt to use the cheaper billing panel Blesta instead of WHMCS. We get all the billing features that a billing panel should have.

For the server-side, we use Cloud servers instead of Dedicated one. This allows us to start small (but powerful) than go bigger as the clients grow. The elastic nature of cloud infrastructure allows us to grow bigger as the clients grow, while also saving money and further cutting the costs.

There is more “low-end” formula under the hood actually. You can contact us directly if interested. Cheers!

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