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How to Add an Addon Domain in Cyber Panel

Addon Domains in Cyber Panel are simply called Domains. However, most cPanel users are familiar with the “Addon” term.

Follow steps below to add domains (Addon domains) in Cyber Panel. Adding a new domain means you add new website to your hosting account.

1. Access your website management panel.

2. In the Domains section, click Add Domains.

3. Fill in all required details.

  1. Domain Name: It is your domain name. Only the domain, without http/https prefix.
  2. Path to the website files. You can leave it empty to set as default.
  3. Select the PHP version for your new website.
  4. SSL will add Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate. In order to make this work, make sure you have set the NS of your domain pointing to our NS.
  5. DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail). Enable this if you want to add your digital signature to every email you sent (read more).
  6. if enabled, your PHP code cannot access file system beyond /home/ (read more).

4. Finally, click the Create Domain button.