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How to Add Free SSL in CyberPanel

Follow these steps to add free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt to your website hosted in CyberPanel.

1. Visit the hosting control panel at

2. Use the given username and password in your email.

3. Click WEBSITES from the main menu

4. Then click List Websites

Alternatively, you can simply choose List Websites at the sidebar.

5. The basic information of your website will appear:

6. Click the “Issue SSL” link.

That’s it.

If you host a WordPress blog, you may need to adjust its settings.

1. Login to the WordPress dashboard.

2. Go to the “General” settings.

3. Edit http and make it https.



4. Click the “Save Changes” button.

Alternatively, you can simply install Really SSL or One Click SSL plugin from WordPress repository.

Open your browser and check if this works.