About Us

Cloudforspeed.com is an affordable cloud web hosting service offering shared hosting for anyone.

We started from an idea that a shared hosting service shouldn’t be bloated with things burdening its overall price. Our inspiration was “Low-End Box” community which is the heaven of affordable virtual (VPS) and dedicated servers.

There should be something similar offering shared hosting services.

Then here we are…

We offer only the core of shared hosting service, the web hosting itself. Thus, we can cut costs and can deliver web hosting services at very affordable prices.

It is normal if you think that we don’t have those fancy features available in big web hosting companies such as Hostgator, Hawkhost, Crocweb, and so on.

Nevertheless, you still get a fully working, stable, fast, and sleek web hosting here.

Our slogan is “smooth like butter, cheap like coffee“.

We believe that not everyone needs all of those fancy features. Some may need only a small hosting for a small project and move it to the bigger hosting later.

Cloudforspeed.com is run by a single man as its owner, developer, and maintainer.

He has some projects and has several websites hosted in the same hosting ecosystem as Cloudforspeed. Hosting your website here, you’ll enjoy the same experience as what he enjoyed. Your website(s) will be in the same cloud servers as his.

You no longer need to worry about managing a complicated server nor a hosting environment. Simply focus on your own project and in developing your website.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.