Basic LSCache Setup To Speed Up A WordPress Blog

Follow these recommended steps to set up LScache plugin on your WordPress blog. We believe, this recommended setting helps boosting the page load speed of your blog.

LSCache boasts many advanced features. You can get bleeding fast performance if all the settings done right. On the contrary, you might get your blog not loaded well if the settings were done wrong. Incompatibility issues, plugins conflict, and a missing web component from being rendered are just a few examples.

Luckily, LSCache also provides a ready-to-use optimal configuration. This helps common users to get the most of the plugin.

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.

2. Click Settings in the LiteSpeed Cache menu.

3. Make sure the plugin is Enabled.

4. Click the Show Advanced Options menu.

5. Click the Optimize tab.

6. Turn On following options:

  • CSS Minify
  • JS Minify
  • HTML Minify
  • Inline CSS Minify
  • Inline JS Minify
  • Remove Comments

If your site uses https protocol, we also recommend you to enable:

  • CSS http/2 Push
  • JS http/2 Push

7. Hit that Save Changes button.

8. Now go to the Tuning section.

9. Turn on following Settings:

  • Remove Query Strings
  • Remove WordPress Emoji

10. Then click “Save Changes”.

That’s all. We didn’t say it as the best settings for LiteSpeed Cache plugin. At least, it is the most optimal one.

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